We use local ingredients made with care to craft a seasonally changing menu.

Below are some examples of what you may find at Juneberry Cafe.


Bagel Breakfast Sandwich          

local eggs & cheese                        $5.95

add bacon                                        $0.95

Grilled Breakfast Burrito           

potatoes, eggs, and cheese           $6.25

add bacon                                        $0.95

Fresh Baked Pastries               $2.50-4

Juneberry Maple Granola        $4.95

organic milk or almond milk

Toasted Bagel

cream cheese or peanut butter     $2.95

smoked trout + cream cheese       $5.95

Ice Cream

Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream

all natural & made in Minneapolis


Single                                 $3.95

Double                               $5.95

Lil Cone                             $2.95

Cold Press Coffee Float  $6.95

Ice Cream Sandwich        $6.95


Hot Pressed Sandwiches

see the counter press for today's options such as

turkey pesto with fresh mozzarella

ham & swiss

mushroom & swiss

grilled cheese

vegan special: bbq jackfruit & sweet potato

Grab & Go Sandwiches

check the case for today's selection

Daily Farm Fresh Salads

choose how many     1 (8 oz)     $3.95

                                     2 (16 oz)  $7.95

Soup du Jour

8 oz bowl            $4.95

add croutons      $0.35

Snacks & Such  there's a lot of add-ons!



Homemade Drinks

Peace Coffee

Rishi Tea

12 oz  $1.95

16 oz  $2.95

Cold Press Coffee

12 oz  $4.95

16 oz  $6.50

Locally made bottled beverages