Juneberry Cafe is delighted to provide take-away meals and snacks for local adventures. Our business is a value-driven one and our values include: 

  • Local foods

  • Sustainable and frequently organic ingredients

  • High quality foods crafted with care

  • Being welcoming to all

  • Environmental respect through our buying power

We hope that at Juneberry you will find everything you need for a pleasant meal whether you eat in one of the nearby parks or at the tables just outside our cafe. 

camping and canoeing provisions

Juneberry Cafe was started by Kristen in 2017. Kristen and her husband moved to Taylors Falls to build a homestead. Together they're putting down roots (both metaphorical and botanical) and exploring the many natural wonders of the St. Croix River Valley.


Having grown up in Minneapolis, Kristen's palette shares this region's love of comfort food. Having worked in the food business in San Francisco for 10 years, she learned a lot about diverse communities of eaters. Kristen's skill set found its home in Minnesota's strong farm-to-table culture.

Kristen loves exploring the local parks and often can be found eating a picnic on a rock next to a river.

gateway food to natural adventures